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Facial Toners

Facial Toners

Facial Toners

Source Vitál Toners are unique & unlike others you have used in the past. We think toners should be active & promote change in your skin, all the while keeping the skin's delicate pH balance. From our basic seawater mist to our purifying emulsions, positive changes will occur.

  • Aromatic Emulsion Balance

    balancing facial toner

    For all skin types, this toner mist's purpose is to maintain a healthy balance of oil production and hydration levels, while serving as...

    $12.95 - $67.00

  • Aromatic Emulsion Dry/Sensitive

    soothing facial toner

    Blended for dry and sensitive skin, this toner mist is beneficial not just for those skin types. It is also beneficial for...

    $12.95 - $67.00

  • Aromatic Emulsion Pure

    concentrated facial toner

    Comprised of essential oils and organic emulsifier (to reduce congestion of the follicles), Aromatic Emulsion Pure is antibacterial & refreshing to the...

    $24.95 - $61.00

  • Sea Tonic Simple

    facial mist
    Formulated to be used alone or with your appropriate Infusion, this toner brings essential trace minerals to your skin care regimen. Sea...

    $12.95 - $61.00